• How long should an Irrigation system last?

    While there are many variables, an irrigation system should last at least 10 years. Many last 15+ but with the heat some timers may fail sooner. The Valley also has hard water which can often reduce the life of the valves.

  • What is your warranty?

    Two years parts and labor.

  • My water bill is rising, why?

    Without doing some investigation it’s hard to say. But if leaks in the house and pool have been eliminated then the irrigation would be the next area to check. The most common issue is the timer is set for multiple waterings and no one realizes it. If the timer is fine than checking to make sure the main line and valves are leaking would be next. Often a valve will be slowly weeping which would be an easy fix. Give us a call and we can stop out for a free estimate.

  • I have a split in my drip line, can I fix it myself?

    Yes, it usually isn’t a difficult repair. As with many home repairs the fix isn’t hard but having the right parts and tools tends to be a problem.

  • Do I have to be home to have a repair done?

    No, as long as we have access to the area we need to work on. You can give us the information we need and we can email you an invoice when we complete the job. If you require an estimate we can call you from your home if it’s a simple fix or email you an estimate if it’s more involved.

  • Will you be able to complete the repair in one call?

    For most calls yes. We allot our Techs 1 hour to complete the job. If its going to take longer we will schedule another day when we have more time.

  • My drip line keeps breaking, what can I do?

    Standard drip line will normally begin to fail after 10-12 years. When this happens you only have a couple options. You can keep repairing the leaks as they arise or you can redo the entire drip system. We use a thicker poly piping that is about 3 times as thick as the most common drip line. It has been proven to hold up over 20 years in the ground.

  • I’m ready to replace my drip system, now what?

    We can stop out and give you a free estimate to replace your drip lines and emitters. We use a thicker poly line called swing pipe. It gives you the benefits of poly pipe, ease of install and repair but is thicker so it lasts longer. A basic drip redo will be done in one day so there is very little downtime for your system.

  • My neighbor installed PVC for his drip line, do you do that?

    We do not use PVC for drip zones only for the grass zones. Over the years we have tried various products to be used as drip line. We have found the swing pipe works best for us. While PVC may last 50 years it is more difficult and expensive to install. Repairs or additions to the system are also more difficult and the multiports that connect the main drip line to the spaghetti lines are just another connection which may have issues.

  • My plants don’t look very good and I’ve increased the water, whats wrong?

    Contrary to popular belief more water doesn’t necessarily equate to better plants, especially desert plants. Mother nature knows how to keep a healthy desert landscape. In the summer we don’t receive much rain. Our rainy seasons are the spring and fall. During the dry months the plants want to go dormant so often leaves will curl or color will fade. As homeowners we want the plants to look green and healthy year round so we add more water. This can often make the plants more prone to disease and pests. We actually see more plants die from too much water rather than too little. A great resource for desert plants is “Landscape Plants for California Gardens” by Bob Perry. Even though is say California, the detail about plants that can grow in Palm Springs (same climate zone as the Phoenix area), is amazing.

  • I’m tired of spending so much money on watering, what can I do?

    Keeping a yard golf course green in the desert is difficult. It requires a lot of water and maintenance. Many of the cities in the Valley offer rebates for removing grass, installing smart timers and going to desert plants. Grass is the biggest consumer of water. You can either reduce the amount of grass or go to a more water efficient sprinkler head. If you want to keep your grass then MP Rotators is a sprinkler nozzle that is more water efficient. It puts down the water slowly, allowing it to soak into the ground rather than run off. You waste less and therefore can water less. Rachio’s Wifi timer uses local weather stations to evaluate your watering needs. It will shut the system down when it rains and increase and decrease watering times with the seasons. Combine their flow meter with the timer and you have the ability to monitor how much water each zone is using. It will alert you if there are issues. Give us a call and we can give you more information.