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As one of the Valley’s few companies that specialize in just irrigation service, Controlled Rain has established itself as a leader in it’s field. With Controlled Rain you don’t get a jack of all trades serviceman. You get a specialist with experience and knowledge in all aspects of lawn and landscape irrigation.

Over time sprinkler systems and irrigation equipment can become damaged causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Whether the damage is caused by environmental wear, product lifespan or faulty installation we can fix it. Controlled Rains’ sprinkler system repairs are second to none.

Our advanced knowledge of the industry and our extreme dedication to client satisfaction has allowed us to soar above our competitors and build strong, long lasting relationships with our many customers. Our passion lies with providing high quality services to deserving people.

Please give us a call today at (480) 699-9695 for more information about our irrigation services.

We can handle irrigation issues such as:

  • Wet or dry spots in yard
  • Missing drip emitters or leaks
  • Low pressure
  • No clock display

We also handle larger projects such as:

  • Installing new drip lines
  • Adding zones for additional plantings
  • Rerouting due to a pool or deck addition
  • Installing a larger or new controller

Smart Timer Solutions

Living in the desert makes you appreciate things that others may overlook.  Shade is one and the other is water.  The Valley is dependent on water.  Water to drink, to bathe, to water our lawns etc.  Being good stewards of that precious resource is something we at Controlled Rain take seriously. 

The Colorado river is shrinking as are our reservoirs.  It’s only a matter of time before government officials implement water restrictions here in Arizona like they have done in other states.  The solution is not to rock our entire yards but to use the water we have available to us more responsibly.  This is where Controlled Rain in conjunction with Rachio comes in.  By combining the technology of  the latest Rachio irrigation timer and flow sensor with the knowledge of Controlled Rain and our commitment to excellence you have the means to take control of whatever mother nature throws at you.  Rainy season and you don’t want to waste water?  Rachio will do that for you!  Drought and you want to water properly?  Rachio can do that for you!  Out of town and your irrigation springs a leak?  Rachio can let you know and Controlled Rain can make a quick repair!  Water bill too high?  Rachio can help with that too!  And did you know that many cities give a rebate on a smart timer?  Rachio qualifies for that!

From an app on your phone you can set your watering schedule from anywhere.  You can also review watering history and see when the next scheduled watering day is.  The flow sensor can monitor the water output of each zone and notify you of low flow or high flow issues before you even know there’s a problem.  You can share access with us and for a small fee we will monitor your system and give you priority repair service, discounted service rates, and quarterly reviews of timer settings to ensure everything is setup properly for the season. Save money and water with Rachio and Controlled Rain. 

Rachio app on smartphone


Outdoor low voltage lighting is becoming commonplace with home consumers. The increased beauty and safety of your home should only be trusted to a company of experts and professionals. Sonoran Lights is a sister company of Controlled Rain and will design, install and maintain a cost effective low voltage exterior lighting system which will enhance the beauty of your home, pool area or landscaping.

We use only top quality products designed of solid brass, copper and stainless steel from manufacturer’s like FX, Unique and Vista. These products are designed to withstand our extreme temperatures and come with 10 year to lifetime warranties.

Please give us a call today at (480) 699-9695 for more information about our lighting services.

Thank you so very much for the terrific drip and sprinkler job you did. I appreciate the extra timer rebuild and sprinkler repair that you did free of charge. You are a very nice person. I can’t even tell that my yard had a major overhaul done to it (except thankfully the absence of the drip lines not in use) – because you cleaned it up so well. Thanks again!

– Tammie W.