Irrigation Services

As one of the Valley's few companies that specialize in just irrigation service, Controlled Rain has established itself as a leader in it's field. With Controlled Rain you don't get a jack of all trades serviceman. You get a specialist with experience and knowledge in all aspects of lawn and landscape irrigation.

Over time sprinkler systems and irrigation equipment can become damaged causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Whether the damage is caused by environmental wear, product lifespan or faulty installation we can fix it. Controlled Rains' sprinkler system repairs are second to none.

Our advanced knowledge of the industry and our extreme dedication to client satisfaction has allowed us to soar above our competitors and build strong, long lasting relationships with our many customers. Our passion lies with providing high quality services to deserving people.

We can handle irrigation issues such as:

  • Wet or dry spots in yard
  • Missing drip emitters or leaks
  • Low pressure
  • No clock display
  • A zone that will not turn on or off

We also handle larger projects, quickly and efficiently such as:

  • Installing new drip lines
  • Adding zones for additional plantings
  • Rerouting due to a pool or deck addition
  • Installing a larger or new controller

Please give us a call today at (480) 699-9695 for more information about our irrigation services.